Friends of the Mole AGM Zoom Meeting – 28th June 2021.




Arse Viper – outgoing GM

Mr MaGoo - Webmaster

Special Knees – collector of Hash subs

Snap On

Floppy dick

Dealdoe Tester

Stormin Norman

Throw Up

Open Wide

Bush Squatter

Cliff Banger

Watts Brewing



Arse Viper confirmed that he had stood down as GM.




AV confirmed there is £404.94 in the Moles bank account.

Special Knees confirmed she was holding £304.22 collected from weekly subs.


AV acknowledged that this is a healthy financial position.

AV is the holder of the bank account but there needs to be a 2nd signatory authorised on the

account to ensure funds are used appropriately and to access the account should that be necessary.


Funky has already indicated that he would be prepared to take on the role of Hash Cash.


Special Knees suggested that Funky Gibbon would make a great GM.

AV asked if there were any other nominations for GM – there was silence – AV will approach Funky.


It was agreed that if Funky does not want to be GM this position can be left vacant until a later date.




Mr MaGoo has done an excellent job managing the website.  Mr MaGoo confirmed the annual subscription

to Yahoo was due at the end of June.  Mr MaGoo suggested as no one looked at the website so asked if there

any point in continuing with it.  Stormin said it was his go to place for information. Others said they did too.

It was agreed that the website was a valuable historical resource especially as the stats had been well

maintained over many years.  Mr MaGoo agreed to continue to manage the Website.

AV will transfer funds to Mr MaGoo to cover the cost of the annual subscription.


Dealdoe Tester thought there might be other options.  The Moles has a WhatsApp Group which works well and Facebook. 


The Facebook account was set up by Wanka Tanka with a name that he thought would be found by

anyone searching for ‘run’.  (To my knowledge that hasn’t worked).  It was agreed that the name needed

to be changed to Friends of the Mole Hash House Harriers (or whatever) – Software will do this if she can.

Software will ask Wanka Tanka to remove himself as an administrator.  A 2nd admin needs to be appointed.


Floppy was asked if he would be Hareraiser but he declined as he works away a lot.

Floppy asked what sort of activity was proposed – Runs with trails, without trails, walking with no trails

but it was acknowledged that the trail was fundamental to Hashing otherwise the Hash becomes a walking group.


Throw Up asked if the Hash needs to be on a Monday night.  Discussion around Sunday Walks/Runs followed.

Throw Up made a valid point that if a Sunday run started at 09:00 it was over by noon which left the rest of the

day to do other things.  Stormin agreed but suggested a start time of 09.30.


Cliffbanger shared his experience during Lockdown of setting trails using a map. The Map could be sent to Mr MaGoo

to host on the Webpage. Moles could then download and use on the night.  He mentioned the importance of the

social aspect of Hashing which we all agreed was important.


As Dealdoe Tester has a full-time job as do many others, DDT said it is not always easy to lay a trail and asked

if a ‘live hare’ would be ok.  Everyone agreed this would be ok.  Dealdoe Tester said Diving Belle was also happy

to lay trails too but that would only be for Sunday Runs. 


It was agreed that the last Sunday of the month would be a Sunday Run starting at 09:30.


Hareraiser – Stormin volunteered to take on this role.

He will find Hares and if he can’t he would lay the trail but stressed it would be around his local area.


Pre Covid the Moles ended the Run at a pub and had a meal.  Future Runs could end with a meal, just a beer or a picnic.

Throw Up said it should be the Hare’s decision which made sense.


AV asked if we had read the email from Piles Driver. We had and the content had offered some good points

which had been covered over the course of the meeting.


AV agreed to renew the insurance. This has been done now and the hash is insured until the 12th July 2022.


AV will transfer the bank account to Funky if he takes on the role of Hash Cash.


Bushsquatter told us that Hasting Hash was attracting about 30 walkers/runners each month and even had a few ‘youngsters’. 


Mr MaGoo asked for details or the next Hash – Stormin said it will be from the White Horse, Dover on Monday 5th July 2021.

Stormin will investigate the option for food.  Throw Up advised the landlady is very “flexible”

and if she was not able to provide food, she might be happy for fish and chips to be brought into the pub.

 AOB – Zoom cut us off so there was no option for AOB.


Members of the Friends of the Mole want to thank AV for his time as GM,

Mr MaGoo for managing the Website and Hareraising and Special Knees for collecting subs every week.